Centrum Construction has partnered with Behlen Building Systems to provide a wide variety of steel building options for an impressive array of custom designable projects. Together, Centrum Construction and Behlen can take your vision and turn it into a successful building project.

Pre-Engineered metal buildings from Behlen are:

  • Versatile– Behlen is able to provide commercial, industrial, institutional, or economical warehouse buildings. Clear span, single slope clear span, or multi-span – Behlen buildings offer a diverse range of options. Plus, with the wide variety and interior and exterior finish options available for pre-engineered steel, your building can look like a top-notch facility with a longer life span than conventional framed buildings.
  • Sustainable– A Green construction material – Behlen steel products are 100% recyclable, providing an opportunity to receive additional LEED points (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).
  • Cost Effective– Building with metal can reduce construction, maintenance, and energy costs for building owners.